The Autistic Writers Podcast

July 3, 2024

I thought it might be fun to talk about some of things I blog about on Writing on the Spectrum, so I started a podcast. I called it the Autistic Writers podcast  and it's on most popular podcast apps (and will also post here).

This is the first episode. It gives a broad overview of what I'm learning about autism and writing. I don't really have anyone to talk to about autism and writing so I think this could procide a nice outlet--in addition to blogging of course.

I also hope this will help keep me on track. Autism has become one of my special interests but writing (actually doing it, though I do like to talk about) and reading still come first. I also like watching a bit of TV here and there (right now it's The Originals) and learning about parapsychology so it can be hard to maintain a balance at times!

Austistic Writers Podcast Intro

Welcome to the first episode of Autistic Writers! My name is Barbara Graver, and this is a place where we'll be chatting about autism and writing. In this first episode, I talk a bit about autism and creativity, autistic character traits (strengths) and my plans for the podcast. I hope you'll check back and please do follow the show!

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