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Trancing Miranda Book Cover


When fae energy reader Miranda O’Malley comes to after a brutal attack, she learns that council vampire Nick Markovich has saved her life. All Nick asks in return is that she helps him track down the vampire who attacked her. But as events unfold, Miranda begins to question his motives. Is he really a once in a life- time good guy vamp or is he after something? Is she falling back into her old self-destructive patterns? And who is really playing who, anyway? Available in the summer of 2024!

Swap Junkies Book Cover


The last thing vampire tracker, Miranda O’Malley, wants to do is repeat the past – and agreeing to let her ex-boyfriend, vampire, Nick Markovich, join in the search for seventeen-year-old Ashley Clements does not change that fact. But there is more to Ashley’s disappearance than meets the eye and, as the pair track a murderer through New Boston’s infamous Vampire District, Miranda begins to realize that nothing—past or present—is quite what it seems.