Vampire Story (Excerpt 1)

April 11, 2024

It was the first time Nick Markovich had been to the Black Goddess in almost five years. But it was just like he remembered it. Same beat up black walls. Same bundled barbed wire over the bar. Same crowd.

Newly turned vampires with bright, hungry eyes, nervous tourists, and the inevitable throng of donors. On a low pedestal near the back was a life-sized statue of Kali, complete with a removal necklace of shiny white monkey skulls.  

Kali was painted in bright carnival colors. The paint  strange and shiny in the light of a dozen flickering candles. In the brass bowl before the statue were gifts of flowers and fruit and money.
The Black Goddess wasn’t a blood club in the true sense of the word. It was a place where half-vamps went to make deals with swap junkies and curious tourists and the inevitable pro donors.
Aside from the tourists, the women were mostly female. Vulnerable, desperate women with scarred up necks and short black skirts. But it was the red-head at the bar who had caught his attention. 

She was too lean and too tall, and her hair was red as a sunset. But Nick could feel the pulse of her life-force from where he stood. It was unusual. But he knew why it was happening. She was fae.

Which meant that Eric’s intel was good. 
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Excerpted from Trancing Miranda
©2024 Barbara Graver Wilder

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